Create a session

To create a session you need to be registered on Jugad. must be logged in. You can also participate as a guest without an account.

CreatIng A Football Session

Public sessions  
  • Can seen by everyone in the app.
  • Will be published on Jugad's channels (App, Telegram, WhatsApp).
  • Footballers in your city can join and play with you.
Private sessions
  • Only people you have invited via link can join.
  • It is possible to make private sessions public.
    • perfect for groups that want to organize themselves internally first. If you need more players, you can make the session public so that footballers in your city can join.

Choose Court

Select your court or create it if it is not already available. Tap a court and scroll down to see important information like the underground or address.

Enter Details

Here you can provide additional information for your session:
  • Minimum and maximum number of players
  • Date and Time
  • Further optional information, e.g. meeting point
Make sure push notifications are turned on to stay up to date on participations, cancellations and chat messages.

Invite Friends

You're ready to go! Share the session link with friends by scrolling down the session page and copy  the link or share it directly via WhatsApp.

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