Frequently Asked Questions

What is JUGAD?

JUGAD is the platform with which you can organize football sessions and find teammates in your city. The aim is to always spontaneously find someone to kick with and to avoid typical problems such as dead WhatsApp groups, endless appointments or too few contacts.

It is important to us that everyone has the opportunity to play football. Regardless of origin and religion, whether male, female, diverse, with or without physical or mental impairments. We are a community and want no one to be excluded from JUGAD Sessions based on certain characteristics.

Who can take part in our football sessions?

Everyone is welcome. To stay up to date and informed about sessions in your city, you can register here for free or join our Telegram or WhatsApp groups. You can find the group links in the cities section of the JUGAD app.

Where are the games played?

There are sessions wherever someone organizes one. This can be in soccer halls, on public football fields or other courts. The majority of the courts are already available in the JUGAD app. If your court is not included, you can create it here.

How can I organize a session?

Anyone who has a JUGAD account can create a session. Here you can register. You can also participate as a guest without an account. Here you will find tips for creating a session.

Why should I enable notifications?

If you're registered for a session, you should be aware of important updates, such as cancellations or changes to game time and location. Enable push notifications so you don't miss any updates to your sessions.

This is how you activate notifications for:
JUGAD Website

I like the project, how can I support you?

It will help us the most if you try JUGAD to organize your sessions and your friends find out about it. This is how we ensure that our community grows, more games take place and everyone can find more players.

If you would like to get further involved, contact us here. Then we can discuss everything else.

You also have the opportunity to support us with a donation. You can find more information about it here.

What is the reliability rating and how does it work?

After a session, the organizer can rate the reliability of the registered players. Based on this, a reliability value is calculated. This allows organizers to assess assess whether they can trust people to show up or not. We have explained the reliability rating in detail here.


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